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    Fire Detection

    Acetech Security are at the forefront of Fire Detection Services in the UK, we supply and maintain most of the leading brands available in the UK and we are specialist in installing wireless systems on a permanent or temporary basis.

    Wireless Fire Systems

    Our Temporary Wireless Fire Detection Systems are being used more and more for a variety of businesses, particularly for the construction industry and on sites and temporary buildings.

    Install Unrivalled Fire Systems

    Here at Acetech Security, we distribute and install the effective fire product range from Howler as part of our security package offered to our clients. Since 1998, Howler has led the way in setting new standards in fire safety on construction sites and other temporary locations, right across the UK and beyond.

    Acetech Security has installed a range of products at some of the largest construction sites in London over the past few months, each installation has been very simple and provides the sites with an unrivalled level of protection against fire.

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    Wireless Fire Systems FAQ

    How does the system work?

    It contains sensors that detect levels of heat and smoke in order to indicate warning signals of a fire. The systems can be activated automatically by heat and smoke detectors, as well as by manual activation.

    The active system can take action to put a fire out. Whereas passive systems will help to prevent a fire from resisting the ignition initially, as well as to prevent it from spreading. Both protection systems help to alert people of the fire.