An Introduction to 4K CCTV

4K CCTV Systems are becoming the ‘go-to’ option for businesses and homeowners when purchasing a surveillance system. This article provides you with the key information you need to know before investing in 4K.

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An Introduction to 4K

4K Technology is an extremely high-quality video resolution, available across various devices such as televisions and CCTV cameras.

The number ‘4’ refers to the number of pixels produced. The images displayed on 4K technology are 4,000 pixels wide and roughly four times a standard HD (1080p) video quality.

4K Technology is also known as Ultra HD Technology and is, in fact, derived from the 4K digital cinema standard. This level of resolution reveals details that simply cannot be captured via 1080p, displaying subtle nuances that could be the difference between identifying an intruder caught on CCTV and a blurred image.

Due to the higher pixel density, you will feel much closer to the live footage. In addition, the quality of the image will not be lessened or damaged when using the zoom feature.

How 4K CCTV Works

4K resolution displays around 8.3 million pixels on the screen at any one time. Resolution works by informing you how densely the pixels (tiny dots) are packed together on the display.

Each pixel collects together to form the picture we see on the screen. The more available pixels, the higher the quality of the image or video. A more significant number of pixels allows the footage to be more detailed as it is fragmented into smaller pieces.

A high pixel count can closely emulate the image as though you are viewing it in reality. The millions of tiny pixels can capture the finer details of human faces and clothing, not to mention car makes and models.

This information is vital to help the police and other emergency services identify the culprits behind criminal activity recorded by CCTV devices.

Therefore, investing in a 4K CCTV system will allow you to see an incredible wealth of small yet important details required to find the individuals responsible.

4K resolution enables the video presented to be increasingly vivid and accurate, an essential feature when researching potential CCTV systems. Furthermore, the increased number of pixels also provides a clean, smooth viewing experience as you may watch the film or footage up close without noticing any on-screen pixilation.

Why choose 4K CCTV?

Although HD and 2K CCTV systems will still protect your home or small business and offer the comfort of security, they are not always consistent.

Image quality can be affected when attempting to zoom in, and they sometimes struggle to focus on scenes from a distance. For a larger business, 4K CCTV is undoubtedly the right decision.

  • Higher, superior image quality compared to 2K security cameras.
  • Increased attention to detail with vivid visuals
  • Four times the standard quality found in high-definition CCTV systems.
  • Up to 8.3 million pixel display
  • A large number of tiny pixels can reveal finer details such as facial features and number plates, vital information in the world of security.
  • Allows for certainty rather than guessing when analysing CCTV footage
  • 4K cameras have been used to record the movements of large birds of prey such as eagles and falcons. Travelling at top speeds of 200mph, the 4K cameras were able to record a wide range of behaviours in astounding detail for the first time.

Hikvision 4K Performance

In the video above, Hikvision displays the power of 4K technology in the world of CCTV security systems.

It showcases the ability of 4K to pick up the finer details found within this roadside scene and proves that the quality is unaffected by the zoom tool.

Our popular Hikvision 4K CCTV camera systems offer ultra HD resolution images. See the finer details, cover more expansive areas, and get closer to your subject with high-quality zoom capabilities.

Our Residential and Commercial 4K CCTV cameras include a CCTV recording device and installation. We help you choose the right system, creating tailored plans designed to meet your needs.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Our friendly and helpful customer service team is ready to help you find the suitable CCTV kit for your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 4K surveillance good value?

Although 4K CCTV surveillance may feel like a rather significant investment compared to HD and 2K, this is for a good reason. The 4K resolution provided in this CCTV system is unrivalled, displaying consistent, extremely high-quality footage to protect your property or business premises. As a result, you will stand a far greater chance of identifying criminals and suspicious vehicles.

Is Ultra HD the same as 4k?

The terms Ultra HD (UHD) and 4K have become interchangeable in the realm of TV and video. However, technically 4K was previously only used in terms of professional cinematic production.

Whilst they do not have the exact same number of pixels, the term 4K is still applied as broadly speaking, both UHD and 4K provide a resolution that is four times higher-quality than standard high definition video.

Is 1080p vs 4K noticeable?

Yes, absolutely. 4K resolution consists of a far greater number of pixels than 1080p (HD) resolution. This means that it is easier to spot the pixels in HD video when viewing, whereas 4K resolution provides a far smoother viewing experience.

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