The ievo range of products are the most reliable, versatile and effective readers available today and can be used in many applications.

The ievo readers are incredibly reliable and will work every time a finger is presented even if the units are submerged in water, installed in extreme temperatures or if the user has greasy hands or even if they are wearing latex gloves.

What are biometrics?

Biometrics is the technology of measuring and analysing biological data. In information technology, biometrics refers to technologies that measure and analyse human body characteristics, such as DNA, fingerprints, voice or facial patterns and hand measurements. Through these unique qualities, biometrics can be used as a form of personal authentication.

Fingerprint Recognition

Perhaps the most popular form of biometric technology is fingerprint scanning. Capturing multiple reference points of the fingerprint through the biometric scanner, an algorithm is then used to convert this image into a code that effectively becomes a digital form of you. This is stored on a database for comparison which grants authentication into the secured area.

Why ievo fingerprint recognition?

Uniquely, the ievo biometric sensor scans multiple images of the fingerprint – from the top layer and beneath (sub-dermal) layer of the skin, using a powerful technology called multispectral imaging. This produces a high-quality fingerprint image which after being converted into a digital code by the algorithm, allows the fingerprint to be scanned even with types of residue present on the skin. ievo biometric fingerprint readers are therefore the most reliable on the market and have become known for their quality and unrivalled technology.

Education – North Wales School

There were three main reasons why the ievo ultimate fingerprint readers increased efficiency, security and reduced the cost of maintenance at the school.

Firstly, using the ievo ultimate reader permitted school management to control access rights between the two separate buildings on the grounds. Using Paxton’s market-leading access control system, Net2, The Schools management are able to control what times each year group enter each school building. The buildings are accessible by all pupils however some parts are designated for staff and sixth form only, such as main entrance and access to an adjoining further education college on one of the sites. Access levels are therefore granted to sixth form pupils and staff continuously whilst remaining year groups gain access to general exterior doors between five-minute lesson changeovers only.

Secondly, management at the school were worried about vandalism, which is why one of their requirements was a robust access control product that would be able to function in any adverse environment. At the School, the ievo ultimate reader was installed on main external doors, which caused no problems for the robust reader. ievo ultimate is manufactured in Polycarbonate ABS and the fingerprint sensor is encased within the toughened glass. In addition, it is IP65 rated meaning it will function with water and is dust-tight.

Finally, they required a security system that would be up and running within a short period of time. Therefore, ease of use and usability played a major factor. The registration process of enrolling and training the pupils and staff on how to use the system took around two days. End-user guides and posters were supplied to each reader so that there was no confusion on how to use the product.

The guides also provide information on data protection, this was useful for parents or guardians of young adults being registered.

Lifestyle Fitness

With a focus on keeping costs low, but maintaining a high spec gym, Lifestyle Fitness has invested in fingerprint access- control pods across the UK to improve the efficiency within their gyms. The highly successful fitness chain has four sites within the UK with the new access control system already installed, with three more scheduled in the near future.

Lifestyle Fitness required a new system that was not only easy to use and highly reliable but one that was more secure than PIN or tokens.

How the Access System Works

The member registers their print upon signing up with Lifestyle Fitness. This print now acts as the identification method, replacing the traditional membership card. When the member attends the gym they simply press their finger onto the reader and this opens the first door of the pod.

The pod door behind closes and the second door opens. This provides the member with access to the gym. There is then a second reader inside the gym to provide egress out of the gym. The ievo reader was installed in order to improve access control in terms of ease of use and quickness for members.

The previous system required members to wait until a member of staff was available to register them. The gym had further problems of members losing their membership cards which again cost Lifestyle Fitness both time and money producing new cards. The new system has now eliminated the need for cards.

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