At Acetech Security, we provide remote CCTV monitoring 24/7. Your CCTV system will be connected to a remote monitoring site via your establish internet connection. As soon as an alarm is sounded, our monitors will pan across the cameras searching for the cause of the issue immediately. If suspicious behaviour is seen, the site key-holder and emergency services will be notified. 

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    The Power of Remote CCTV Monitoring

    Whilst CCTV systems themselves are already a powerful deterrent for potential intruders and burglars. The key to optimising this tool is to add remote monitoring. Experts predict that over 60% of domestic intrusions could have been prevented if this was utilised.

    At Acetech security, we offer various monitoring services, including but not limited to remote monitoring. No matter the type of CCTV cameras installed, our monitors will have remote video access to your CCTV footage on instant alert 24 hours a day if an issue is found.

    CCTV Monitoring In Real-Time

    All monitoring is conducted in real-time to provide you with complete peace of mind. Once an intruder alarm is sounded, the remote CCTV operator will use video analytics to assess the situation. They will continue to carry out video surveillance until a security breach is found. This CCTV strategy is cost-effective as it removes the need for physical security guards to be placed on site. 

    Continuous Coverage

    Remote alarm monitoring systems are extremely effective in detecting and responding to threats at clients premises 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our remotely managed systems are far more cost effective than manned guards alone, and also vastly out perform traditional methods. Any unauthorised access will trigger the system to send live video to our central control room for our operators to analyse within seconds.

    Our highly trained operators will then interact directly with the site via 2 way audio, sound audible alarms, liase with the police and emergency services if required and contact key-holders if needed. Full reporting of incidents is sent directly to the client via email.

    ‘Ava is a global technology company with offices in the UK, Norway, and the USA. They exist because they believe that they can create a better, smarter way to deliver security.

    They inject intelligence into their approach to security and all solutions. They help organisations see, understand, and act on their surroundings to protect their people, business, and reputation in real-time.

    They founded Ava Cyber in 2016 and Ava Video in 2018 and the two companies merged in 2020 to become a unified security provider with extensive capital investment from Ubon Partners.”