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Secure your construction site with Acetech Security. With over 20 years of experience, our intelligent CCTV systems currently protect hundreds of projects across the South East.

Safeguard your employees and equipment with our wide range of CCTV security solutions.

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    The construction industry loses up to £800 million a year due to theft and vandalism. Due to the sites’ open-plan nature, they are a popular, active destination for thieves and vandals across the UK. High-value machinery, vehicles and tools are often left on-site overnight. Each item has a high resale value, irresistible to criminals.

    Site CCTV Systems

    Installation of CCTV is a powerful deterrent against theft and crime opportunists, as they do not wish to be identified on camera. Large, visible notice signs will be displayed warning visitors that 24 hour CCTV is in operation. Its presence acts as a great defence barrier alone and if an incident occurs, you can catch them in the act.

    In addition, you can encourage employees to follow health & safety guidelines as all behaviour will be monitored. Reduce equipment misuse while keeping an eye on your project’s progress.

    • Monitor your site 24/7
    • Cost-effective, up to 80% cheaper than security guards
    • Can be powered by mains electricity or solar power
    • Achieve full high-definition visibility
    • Powerful night vision capabilities
    • Proactively deter criminals


    You need CCTV cameras that have high functionality through all types of lighting and weather conditions. At Acetech Security, we understand that certain projects require working into the early hours of the morning.

    Our infrared CCTV cameras can capture footage in both black & white and colour to help you identify intruders. They can operate in low-light conditions to produce accurate security images.

    In addition, they are fitted with motion sensors to detect movement and send live alerts to our remote CCTV monitoring station.

    night vision cctv


    Gain complete peace of mind from around the clock remote monitoring for your construction site. Our professional security team work 24/7 to ensure any suspicious activity is recorded and reported.

    While you can view your site on your mobile anytime, you need someone to support you whilst you switch off. Relax in the knowledge that our expert team will provide a rapid response.

    Request reports on employee behaviour and monitor your projects overall progress.

    remote site security


    Monitor every vehicle and visitor to your site with our state-of-the-art PTZ CCTV cameras. It’s no surprise that this camera model is a popular choice in the construction industry.

    Our innovative lenses will zoom in and follow vehicles and people as they enter or exit your site. This will allow you and our remote monitor experts to identify authorised visitors and raise the alarm if they’re unrecognised.

    Mobile and Fixed CCTV Towers

    Mobile CCTV towers are a popular choice amongst the Construction industry. 

    Towers offer a flexible and robust solution to surveillance and can be tailored to meet your specific security needs.

    CCTV Towers

    CCTV Maintenance

    Ensure your CCTV systems work efficiently and effectively with Acetech Security’s CCTV maintenance.

    Effective maintenance helps to ensure your systems are fully operational all year round. 

    Prevent unexpected breakdowns and loss of surveillance coverage with a maintenance plan.

    CCTV Maintenance


    Choosing the best construction site CCTV system for you entirely depends on the size and scale of your location. At Acetech Security, we understand this can be a challenge. To make things easier, we’ve listed the advantages of both wired and wireless CCTV below.

    Wireless Construction SIte CCTV

    • Powered by just one cable
    • Footage automatically saved to the cloud
    • Quick & easy to install
    • Can easily reposition or take down
    • Connect to Wi-Fi or 4G router
    • Wider variety of mounting locations

    Wired CCTV

    • Not reliant on Wi-Fi connection
    • Can support up to 16 cameras across your construction site
    • Footage can be secured easily
    • Provides reliable signal
    • Consistent video quality
    • Avoid bandwidth disturbances

    Frequently asked questions about Construction Site CCTV

    Do I need a licence for CCTV?

    You don’t need a specific licence to install CCTV. However, businesses that process information must include the details of their usage to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

    The cost of your system will depend on multiple factors: your chosen camera model, how many cameras you’d like to be installed, the technical abilities of your camera e.g. zoom capabilities and megapixel count. It will also be contingent to the length of time taken to install the whole system.

    Acetech Security always recommend wired CCTV for construction sites. This is because usually, building sites do not have easy access to Wi-Fi. Wired CCTV guarantees a stable signal that can support up to 16 cameras simultaneously. 

    This is ideal for construction projects that need every angle covered 24/7.

    Acetech Security recommends a minimum of four cameras for every construction site. This is to ensure that every area is covered. In our experience, the most common camera model chosen is the Pan, Tilt and Zoom models as these offer the widest field of vision. 

    However, if your site spans a substantial number of acres, it is likely you’ll need double this amount or more. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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