Contruction Site Access Control

Acetech Security offer a range of construction site access control systems, the most popular being the pedestrian biometric turnstiles. Specialising in construction sites areas, which complement our Access Control Systems and Software.

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    Rent Biometric Turnstiles from as little as £25 a day. No upfront deposit required.*

    *Minimum rental term 52 weeks.

    Construction Site Access Control Services

    Biometric Turnstiles

    If you need to manage a high level of pedestrians accessing your construction site, biometric turnstiles are the best way to control the access levels of staff, visitors and contractors.

    Acetech turnstiles are robust and safe and are backed up by our expert engineers that install and maintain the systems on the customer’s behalf.

    Construction site fingerprint reader
    fingerprint access control

    Fingerprint Biometrics

    Construction sites deal with high levels of dirt, grease and dust on the skin, which can often impact the effectiveness of biometric systems. The ievo ultimate is a CPNI certified fingerprint scanner that delivers a cutting-edge biometric solution.

    The ievo fingerprint scanner can integrate with access points, barriers, gates and doors. Suited for internal and external use, the device can integrate with many recognised access control systems. 

    ievo biometrics provide a cost-effective solution to construction site security.

    Key Benefits

    • An additional layer of security to your construction site
    • Accurate time keeping – clock in and out data capture
    • MSI capture combats potential skin debris
    • A system that integrates with your existing infrastructure
    • Reliable and robust identification

    cctv & alarm remote monitoring

    Remote monitoring delivers effective security around the clock. Our monitoring services provide continuous coverage, even if your site isn’t manned.

    At Acetech, we tailor our security solutions to your site’s needs by establishing risk and creating a plan to mitigate it. In addition, real-time coverage means that we provide an instant response when an intruder is detected. Experienced operators interact with your site via two-way audible alarms and will liaise with police and key-holders as required. Furthermore, we provide complete incident reports keeping you informed at all times.

    remote monitoring

    Construction Site Access Control Services

    comprehensive construction site security

    Keeping your construction site secure is our priority. We have delivered effective security solutions across Essex and the Southeast for over 25 years. As a result, we have provided tailored security services to hundreds of businesses and organisations, ranging from big to small.

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