CCTV is an ever-changing market. With the advancement of technology, it is more important now than ever to ensure your CCTV system is kept up to date. Our bespoke CCTV consultancy service provides the perfect fit to help secure abd protect any business big or small.

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    Rent a fully monitored CCTV camera from as little as £2 a day. No upfront deposit required.*

    *Minimum rental term 52 weeks.

    CCTV Consultancy

    At Acetech Security, we also offer unique CCTV consultancy services. We work with businesses of any size to review or install a new closed-circuit television CCTV system fit for purpose. We have several case studies from both small, independent businesses to large-scale corporate companies, available on request.

    Stay Current

    It is crucial to stay current with the latest developments in CCTV surveillance system technology to protect your business. Unfortunately, your current CCTV provider may no longer be supported by its manufacturer due to the refreshment of safety and security requirements. In this instance, repairs, maintenance and replacement of damaged equipment may not be possible.

    The Review Process

    At Acetech Security, our first step in the review process establish your current security threats as a business whilst also determining who has access control to certain aspects of the CCTV security system. We will also collaborate with you to decide if a direct connection to local authorities and law enforcement is necessary. This will largely depend on the value of goods within your facilities. 

    Performance Report

    After initially reviewing your current CCTV system, we will provide you with a report consisting of areas of concern, weaknesses and suggestions for improvement. We will then provide a quote, free of charge, presenting our optimum CCTV strategy, including operational requirements, video management and key equipment needed for your business. 

    Complete Flexibility

    Whilst we provide a clear structure within our consultancy, you will still be given complete flexibility regarding your CCTV system type, choose from: fisheye cameras, external domes to wide-angle CCTV cameras and more.