O’Neill & Brennan approached us to provide a security solution for the above project. Although previously the site had housed a Megabowl and a Night Club when we attended the site it had mostly been razed to the ground to make way for a refurbished Megabowl, Theatre, childrens play space and ground-level retail space with up to 259 new homes.

As can be seen from the first picture above, care had to be taken with hoarding to ensure there was no obstruction to the pavement to ensure pedestrian and vehicular access at all times. Working hours were set to a strict time frame to minimise disruption to local residents.

As well as CCTV coverage and access control the construction site required a fire alarm system.

We supplied drawings to show how we believed the cameras would be best placed to allow for full coverage of the site.

We recommended 2 x biometric full height turnstiles to allow the best access control for authorised personnel, with Levo fingerprint readers and the BreeCS programme to record time and attendance, deliveries and fire roll call. Intercoms to be fitted to turnstiles.

As the construction site is in a residential area we recommended remote monitoring as a cost-effective way to ensure there were no intruders, base jumpers etc. out of hours.

We recommended a wireless fire alarm system, which would allow the site to move fire alarms as it grew and for ease of adding further alarms as required.

Commenced work July 17 – present

Supplied to date:

  • 12 camera CCTV system with 16 channel NVR and 2 TB hard drive. This allows for up to 6 additional cameras to be added if required. Up to 30 days of data recorded on site.
  • Remote monitoring when contractors are not on-site, including public and bank holidays. PIR detectors and speakers on-site allow our monitoring team to speak directly to the site should any alarms be activated. A list of key holders or police to be contacted in the event of an incident.
  • 2 x full height turnstiles with BreeCS programme to record deliveries, time and attendance, fire roll call etc. and Levo fingerprint readers.
  • Fob reader and fob to allow approved visitors ease of access without enrolment.
  • Intercoms to the turnstile to allow visitors to contact site office.
  • Control panel and 45 wireless fire alarms.
  • Annual maintenance contract.
  • PAT testing as required.

As the site has progressed we have attended to repair damaged cables and relocate cameras as hoarding has been moved. 

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