Acetech are strategic partners with BreeCS to provide the innovative Construction Site Software to our clients, we integrate this software with mobile biometric readers and turnstiles if required to provide clients with one stop solution for Construction Site Management.

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    BreeCS Construction Site Software

    Net2 Integrated – Complete integration into Net2 allows BreeCS to fully manage the database and all users contained within it.

    iEvo Integrated – Simply click a button on enrolment (or when editing a user) to administer a new fingerprint and wiegand/token number.

    HandKey 2 Integrated – Simply click a button on enrolment (or when editing a user) to administer a new handkey and wiegand/token number.

    CSCS Integrated – Easily grab a users picture, basic information and CSCS card images with BreeCS Watchdog.

    Pre-enrolment – Pre-enrolment allows sites to streamline inductions by spending less time filling out forms.

    BreeCS Reporting Software

    Co2 Reporting – Co2 reporting for both users and deliveries to site. Pie chart breakdown with extended legend.

    Localism Reporting – Local Labour and Local Deliveries reporting. Pie chart breakdown with extended legend.

    Extended Reporting – Apprentices and Trainees, Metrics, Image Verification and Drugs & Alcohol reporting.

    Time & Attendance – Timesheet with hours worked and days on site. Explore individual users or complete departments.

    Fire Roll Call – Two click Fire Roll Call reporting with the option to print or export into HTML or CSV format.

    Strike System – The strike system allows sites to issue Yellow and Red cards for warnings and removal from site.

    Filters – Simple yet powerful filters let you drill on down data and display only what is relevant. Filters can be used to take action against the resulting users.

    Real Time Events – Information on user activity such as access granted or denied, barred users and general system information with full event highlighting.

    Deliveries with Web App – By completing a short form either at the PC in which BreeCS resides or via the Web App you can add deliveries to your site and calculate the Co2.

    BreeCS FAQ

    Why is BreeCS useful for construction sites?

    The BreeCS software can manage Net2 databases in order to give construction sites easy access control and time and attendance management. It is also useful for apprentices, metrics, fire roll call and image verification.