Claydon Business Park management company needed clear CCTV images of vehicles and people to identify any wrongdoers from live and recorded views. These images were required from a robust CCTV system installation including fixed camera as well as pan tilt zoom (PTZ). The management company and the police required easily accessible and downloadable footage.

Acetech Security had only recently become a Partner with AVA (an AI based IPCCTV system manufacturer), and were keen to showcase this to our client. Safe installation of the cameras was the main challenge of the project due to the access requirements to the camera locations at a high level along the road routes around the site.

The Acetech Security Solution

The management company evaluated several different camera resolutions up to ultra-high definition (UHD) devices; this resulted in CBP choosing the 6MP cameras which gave excellent identification and recognition images.

The installation of 69 cameras was challenging as we had to provide a wireless network infrastructure to handle the higher bandwidth requirements. To minimise time and cost, Acetech Security recommended HikVision 6MP IP cameras which can transmit IP images over the wireless network solution. This was beneficial as it reduced the customers cost as far less groundworks were required.

The main access gates were controlled by a Paxton Net2 system, with ANPR cameras to control access out of hours to vehicles via the white and black lists

To ensure no footage was missed, all cameras recorded in real-time. It was also critical for capturing fast-moving vehicles around the site. The system has enabled CBP to reduce the risks and costs associated with unauthorised access by providing indisputable CCTV evidence of criminal activity. The safety team can now conclude investigations and incidents more efficiently, by using the amazing search functions of the AVA Aware software. Overall, the system has made an enormous impact, increasing the safety of tenants, and making large time savings for the management team when searching events through the system.

The management team at CBP are now looking to upgrade their main entrance/exit gates and Acetech Security are currently their first choice of security provider.

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