Our range of automatic gates offer fantastic protection to your premises or home, providing complete control and instant access.

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    Automated Gates & Barriers

    There are a variety of automated gates and barriers available for domestic and commercial applications. Equipped with remote automation technology, they provide a complete ease of use. They can also be integrated with other devices using intercom, CCTV and number plate recognition.

    Car Park Barriers & Parking Bollards

    Traffic Barriers can effectively secure a car park or offer restricted entry in parking areas from unauthorised users. Here at Acetech we can integrate the barrier with a telephone/video entry system or access control to compliment the integration.

    Pedestrian & Vehicle Access Control

    Motorised gates, whether hinged or sliding, can be provided in a variety of styles for both domestic and commercial environments.

    Our engineers and designers at Acetech Security have many years of experience with automatic gates, sourcing from the most reliable suppliers in the sector, such as Came and BFT to name a few . Our customers include local authorities, schools, public companies and private residences.

    Our commitment to you guarantees quality at every stage of the manufacturing and installation process. This promise means your gates will provide you with the highest levels of security for many years.

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    Automated Gates FAQ

    Can automated gates and barriers close on a car/person?

    There is very little chance of an automated system closing on either a car or a person. Most operators have safety features within where if too much pressure is being used against the gate or barrier, it will provide a safety alert to prevent a lot of damage from occurring.

    A lot of gate and barrier systems have a manual release which can unlock the gate so that it can be opened by manually pushing it. It can also have backup systems installed so that if a power cut were to occur, the gate could operate normally.