CCTV technology has become far more cost-effective, the quality of the product has also increased, enabling systems to record registration number plates and faces accurately. Gone are the days where the CCTV system only showed a grainy image of what has happened. Additionally, viewing photos on your phone or tablet used to be only available to customers who were investing in top-end systems. Now every system that Acetech Security installs give our customers the ability to view their CCTV from a smartphone, tablet, PC or Laptop from any location in the world.

Remote CCTV is the name used when CCTV systems are being monitored by an accredited CCTV Central Station, this type of system is proactive and can often deter crimes before it takes place. An intruder causes the second an activation, live images are displayed in a control room where trained operators evaluate the cause of the alarm and act accordingly, they can issue live warnings via a tannoy system, open and close gates if required, liaise with keyholders and in the right situation contact the emergency services.

Remote systems are being implemented at many businesses across Essex as customers look to improve security and save thousands of pounds per annum compared to traditional security methods.

The advent of IP CCTV has enabled Acetech Security to be able to offer incredibly reliable and effective systems that are displayed in HDMI quality for prices that were not available a few years ago, if you have a business based in Essex and haven’t upgraded your security system for a few years you would be amazed at what Acetech Security can offer.