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Acetech Security have been working with the leading names in Access Control for over 20 years, these include Paxton, PAC, Honeywell, TDSI, BPT, ievo, Videx, AI Phone and Comelit.

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    Rent Biometric Turnstiles from as little as £25 a day. No upfront deposit required.*

    *Minimum rental term 52 weeks.

    What we do

    At Acetech Security, we provide an extensive range of access control and time and attendance services. We cater to a wide range of industries, including construction, education, leisure, healthcare and factories. Furthermore, we support businesses of all sizes. No project is too big or too small for our teams.

    Our technologies include Biometrics, Fobs, Smartcard, Keypad, Proximity and Intercoms. We tailor our systems to meet your needs and budget, so whether you want to control access to one door or thousands, Acetech Security is equipped to help.

    Additionally, we can provide biometric turnstile access systems for a range of applications. We specialise in the installation of these systems for construction sites. Visit our turnstiles page for more information.

    ievo access control fingerprint reader

    Our Access Control Partner

    ievo design and manufacture the leading biometric solutions in the security market.

    Specialising in unrivalled internal and external fingerprint readers, they combine reliability, quality and innovation across their product range, to provide the perfect biometric security solution as individual as you are.”

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    Access control systems are a superior solution to traditional keys, allowing you much more control and security. You can set the parameters for access on a group or individual basis, allowing you to regulate access on your chosen criteria. 

    Proven results

    Lifestyle Fitness invested in fingerprint access control pods to improve efficiency across their gyms. The successful fitness chain has four sites across the UK, each with access control systems installed. However, lifestyle Fitness required a new system that was easy to use, reliable and offered a more secure solution than PIN or tokens.

    Previously, Lifestyle Fitness used a card system to manage access. Unfortunately, the cards would often be lost, leading to employees spending a considerable amount of time ordering replacements cards for members. 

    Lifestyle Fitness asked all gym members to provide a fingerprint, which would replace their membership cards. To gain access to the gym, members would press their index finger onto a reader to open the first of two doors. Once the first door closes behind the gym member, the second door opens. The ievo reader improved access control, an easy to use solution that provided convenience for both members and employees.

    Access Control FAQ

    What is it?

    A method and technique of security, commonly used in a business workplace environment. It can identify people and regulate access to certain places or systems.

    Discretionary, Mandatory & Role-Based.

    DAC is a system which can hold the business owner responsible for allowing people access to specific locations. These locations can be either physical or digital.

    MAC is more commonly used within organisations which focus specifically on securing their confidential information and classification of data. For example, military facilities and institutions.

    With RBAC systems, access is usually assigned by system administrators only to assign access to specific job titles.