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Acetech Security provide bespoke systems for commercial clients designed around the customer’s needs and budgets, clients range from very small to extremely large organisations providing critical infrastructure services

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    Hikvision Turret CCTV Camera Systems
    Our Hikvision Turret CCTV cameras are ideal for commercial and residential security. These cameras function in internal and external positions, enabling customers to use a single camera type inside and outside their property. Turrets make for a discreet viewing device and recorder as an indoor device. Additionally, when used externally, you can choose to make the camera more or less visible, thus providing the choice of using the camera as a deterrent or stealthy recording device. 

    Position your turret camera on a ceiling or high point on your building to take advantage of their wide viewing angle. In addition, the mount screws sit above the camera lens, which makes for easy installation on ceilings and in discrete under areas.
    Our CCTV Systems Include

    2 CCTV cameras
    DVR (Digital Video Recording Device)