Acetech Security provides CCTV installation in Colchester on all CCTV systems purchased. Our family-run company has grown over 20-years to become one of the most respected security companies in the UK. Our business is in Dedham, just outside of Colchester, and we provide CCTV installation services across the country.

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    Rent a fully monitored CCTV camera from as little as £2 a day. No upfront deposit required.*

    *Minimum rental term 52 weeks.

    Local CCTV Installation

    At Acetech Security, we include CCTV installation with each of our bespoke CCTV camera systems. We provide high-quality CCTV systems with qualified, experienced technicians to match. All CCTV packages include installation and servicing, giving you the reassurance you need to help protect your business.

    Expert CCTV Technicians

    Depending on the price, size and security level of your chosen CCTV package, our technician will unpack and install your equipment for you at a time that is most convenient to you. They will provide an excellent standard of customer service to ensure you are comfortable with each device installed. In addition, our CCTV technicians will explain to you how to use your new security system.


    You have the choice to have your CCTV cameras installed with discretion or deterrence in mind. Some clients opt for high visibility camera positioning to deter potential intruders. Whilst others prefer their systems to be hidden and hard to spot. Whichever security solution you choose, your cameras must face the correct direction and have unfiltered access to the required areas. 

    Whether you require a single camera or multiple cameras installed on your property, our technicians provide first-class customer services.

    Peace of mind

    We always recommend using professional installation services. CCTV Systems are an investment for any business, so you want to ensure it’s working optimally. Our friendly installation team can find the perfect solution to monitor the security of your hard-working business remotely. We also provide elegant storage solutions to allow you to store your CCTV footage safely and securely.

    CCTV Installers covering Colchester, Dedham and Ardleigh

    With Ace Tech Security, you may choose from a wide variety of types of CCTV to suit your home or business. In addition, we are proud to offer competitive prices, ensuring you are receiving good value for money at every opportunity.

    CCTV Installation in Colchester

    Our experienced technicians provide professional CCTV installation services across Essex and the UK. Please get in touch with one of our experts today on 01206 842004 for your free quote. 

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