Acetech Security is proud to serve areas across Essex.
Our team of professional, skilled, expert engineers will arrive at your door to install your brand new CCTV system on a date that suits you.

Our popular home security systems can now be installed throughout Essex, meaning your home or business can access high-quality levels of protection and security.

We have a wide selection of CCTV systems, from subtle internal dome cameras to wide-angle lenses and PTZ cameras.

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    CCTV Cameras Essex

    At Acetech Security, we know that Essex is full of vibrant, refreshing, intelligent businesses and beautiful homes worthy of protection. CCTV systems are becoming more accessible and affordable every day, allowing you to stay up to date with the latest security technology on the market.

    Our CCTV systems are entirely customisable. We recommend a 2-camera system as standard to allow you to cover alternative angles on your premises. However, if your business premises spans a larger area, you may want to invest in 3 or 4 cameras to cover indoor and outdoor spaces. 

    The model of CCTV camera you choose is entirely up to you; each of them has unique advantages. However, your budget and area of required coverage will help you decide.

    The turret and dome camera are arguably the most similar; if you're struggling to choose between them, check out our article Turret vs Dome Cameras.

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    CCTV Installation across Essex

    At Acetech Security, we believe in keeping things simple. That’s why the prices of our CCTV systems always include the cost of installation. 

    We know that it can be tempting to install CCTV systems yourself; however, there are several reasons why do not recommend this:

    • Technology has evolved dramatically since the invention of CCTV cameras; with high-quality and greater capabilities comes complexity.
    • You often need to connect the cameras to remote recording devices, sensors and alarm systems. You will require advanced technical know-how to get the wiring right.
    • You might not know your weak spots – our trained professionals have great experience in CCTV, they understand precisely where burglars strike and where your eyes need to be.
    • Your insurance may become invalid; many insurance agencies require you to have CCTV installed by a professional.
    • It will be time-consuming – working out the wiring might take all day. Instead, relax and let our professionals do what they do best.
    • Ultimately, if it goes wrong, it can be expensive to fix.

    Depending on the amount of CCTV cameras you require, our technicians will carefully place them in prime locations throughout your business or residential property. They will listen to any suggestions you may have, providing their experienced guidance throughout.

    technicians installing wireless cctv camera

    In addition, they will talk you through precisely how to use each part of your brand new CCTV system. This way, you can use it with maximum efficiency. You will be shown every setting available to you, for example, night vision and zooming capabilities.

    CCTV Installation

    Areas We Cover

    Acetech Security Ltd is based in Colchester, however, we proudly serve towns across Essex, installing high-quality CCTV systems to improve the safety and security of your home or business. 

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    If you can’t see your town listed above, simply provide your postcode via e-mail or telephone and we will see what we can do.

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    CCTV Essex – Case Study

    CCTV has become increasingly popular throughout the last two decades across Essex. With the exponential growth of retail shops, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants, apartment blocks and public roads, the public now expects CCTV to be installed as a matter of safety. 

    CCTV has become much more affordable with enhanced technology that can accurately capture fine details such as facial features and vehicle registration number plates.

    However, remote CCTV is one of the most exciting innovations. By definition, ‘remote’ means at a distance. Therefore, remote CCTV refers to the ability to access footage obtained by your CCTV system from any location across the country. 

    You may also remotely monitor your CCTV footage from a remote location 24/7 with any abnormal behaviour reported to the appropriate authorities right away.

    Case study
    external dome cctv camera fitted to wall
    woman in yellow shirt entering code on burglar alarm system

    Extend your security with burglar alarms

    At Acetech Security, we understand that the actual cost of burglary is not the stolen material items but the mixture of anxious emotions it leaves behind. So put your mind at ease with one of our affordable, superior burglar alarm systems. Our alarms are suitable for any type of property.

    Installing a burglar alarm can significantly decrease the chance of a break-in as the intruders are more likely to be caught. 

    Furthermore, if you purchase a burglar alarm alongside a CCTV system, you may even be able to capture the criminals on film. Therefore, they will be prosecuted effectively.

    Our burglar alarms are powerful deterrents to burglars, helping you and your family or employees avoid the trauma of becoming a victim.

    Burglar alarms